Friday, January 16, 2009

Yay Scary!

So starting last Friday up until at least February 13th there is one scary movie after another coming out, not to mention that Supernatural restarted last night with an episode that completely skeeved me out in the best possible way. In honor of the epic amounts of violence and horror I get to watch in the coming weeks I give you the 5 most individually creepy scenes in movies ever.
5. The squeal like a pig scene in Deliverance (yes it is not a horror movie but that scene haunts every person who has ever seen that movie)
4. Reagan in the Exorcist with the cross. Nasty.
3. Michael Meyers attacking Laurie Strode in the closet in Halloween.
2. The guy in Seven that died from sloth but wasn't quite dead yet.
1. Jack Torrence tormenting his wife on the stairs in the Shining. Give me the bat (then the thing with the tongue)

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