Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer in the city


I have been incredibly busy with last week or so. I am still working out like a fiend. I believe the word maniacal was used... Anyway, this week the weather has been gorgeous so I have been running on the trail. First day 4 miles, yesterday 3 miles and yoga, today who knows, tomorrow a blissful and well deserved rest day. We have just over two weeks until we start the official 5k training. My biggest challenge at the moment is that I apparently am unable to do a slow run. Not only can I not pace myself, but it leaves me too much time to think about how I am stepping and then I step on a weird part of my foot. I don't know why. I do best with a faster run but I am not sure how to build up my endurance running that fast. Hmmm. Well I have two weeks to work on it, hopefully I will figure it out before the training starts.
The biggest difference I am seeing is how my clothes are fitting and it definitely motivates me to do more. Also my friends are hugely motivating. We are all so inspired on this idea of improving ourselves that we are also reading a chick book, Eat Pray Love, as well. We'll see how it goes, not really my type of book.
Last's night's dinner wasn't anything to talk about (PBJ) but a couple nights ago I made a delicious Farmer's Market Grilled Cheese (recipe from Good Housekeeping). It was delicious with garlic and herb cheese, spinach, zucchini, and tomatoes.

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Unknown said...

I was missing your blogs! GO LIZ! You are not only a rocket, but a massive motivator to us all! I, for one, will do almost anything you tell me to do. So, keep it clean won't you? :D Also, there's something to be said for that fast rocket pace you keep, for my foot only feels better when icey-hott-ed.

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