Friday, July 9, 2010

At last

Friday is here. For a short week it was horribly long.

Oh well, well yesterday I jog/walked 2.5ish miles and tonight is Zumba (hopefully I do better this week). I am no longer having the issue of not wanting to run, I actually look forward to it. I find it is a nice release after a day at the office, even if it is 1000 degrees outside. So it is wonderful to not have to force myself to workout nearly every night. I find that after my run I feel more alert and energetic (at least for a while) than I do before, like it is clearing the fog.

Tomorrow I am going roller skating, that should be an adventure. I haven't put on my roller blades in such a long long time. I have also been in the mood to do outdoorsy things, which is so not me. I want to ride bikes and go hiking. All of this fresh air is going to my head.

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