Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yoga today...Yoga tomorrow

Yesterday I bought a book about yoga in a bargain bin. Naturally I started reading the book and it inspired me, to the point of actually doing, to add yoga into my workout last night. I started with 35 minutes of yoga then I hit the elliptical (too hot outside, I wussed out) and only managed to go for 20 minutes. The absolute slowest 20 minutes I have ever done. Holy moley! Yoga before running equals mistake.

I haven't given up on the idea, like all my ideas I think it is genius, but I think I may have had an order issue. I think it will work out better if I run first and end with yoga. That probably makes more sense. I am going to test this theory on Thursday. Today will be a 40 minute run with no yoga.

I still do not feel like I am moving along fast enough in this 5k training but maybe I am. I'm trying to remember to be patient that I will not change overnight though in this world of consumerism and instant gratification it is hard not to expect that. It is hard to maintain motivation when after a couple weeks you feel like you should be awesome but are not...yet.

Then once I recovered from wobbly legs I made myself dinner. I made an extra spicy, healthy version of chilaquiles. It was all types of spicy and tasty. I used chicken, balck beans, tomatoes, green chiles, jalepenos, hot salsa, spinach, 2% cheese, and plain yogurt over a bed of homemade tortilla chips (made with whole grain tortilla shells I found that have 12grams of fiber! 12 grams!?!?!) seasoned with chile powder. It was spicy enough to make my nose run, so basically it was perfect. :-)

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