Wednesday, June 9, 2010

That's What Friends Are For

The greatest thing to happen during this get healthy, get in shape, 5k training kick is the wonderful, wonderful support from friends. New and old friends are so supportive of my endeavor and several have even jumped on board with me. The main people training for the 5k with me are friends I have had since high school and elementary. We have been friends for a crazy amount of time. We have known each other through big hair, braces, heart break, rumors, bad skin, bad attitudes, crayons, recess, kick ball, tag, moving, marriage, divorces (parent's and our own), successes, and failures. Basically, I know these girls as well as I know myself. It is so motivating knowing that they are counting on me. There are days I do not want to work out, days I want to make bad choices but then I think doing this isn't going to get me to my goal and I will not allow myself to fail them.

Our running group has made talk of escalating. Why should we only work on our bodies when we can use our time together to strengthen our minds and souls? It isn't easy getting everyone on board but they will eventually come around to the new plan. Meeting once a week or biweekly to go yoga and jog. Then followed with a healthy breakfast. I have lots of ideas for different breakfasts we can try. We are also going to start reading books together as well. First book is Eat Pray Love. Would I have ever read that book without one of the suggesting it. No. But it won't hurt me to read it and if I am lucky maybe it will open my mind to something I had never thought of before and I will be a better person for having read it. The worst that could happen is I will not enjoy and and wasted a couple hours of tv time. But can you ever really consider time spent reading more of a waste than rotting your brain in front of the glorious television, probably not.

I am an incredibly fortunate person to have so many wonderful, strong, and funny women in my life. I hope everyone has friends like this, because it makes life that much more enjoyable to live.

Ha! Enough with the sappiness. Back to the facts. Had an incredibly enjoyable green monster this morning. I added a little more almond milk and cranergy, it tasted fabulous. I also improved my minutes per mile by 45 seconds last night. Huge WIN for me!!!


Jess said...

Awww... tear!!! ::sniffle::

(Good job on the win, too! ;)

Unknown said...

You love me fat, you love me thin. You don't want me to fail, you want me to win. You are my life, even in strife. Lifelong friends to the end. haha

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

We even love you when you rhyme. hahaha

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