Sunday, December 20, 2009

What I have learned from Romantic Comedies

Recently I have started following this blog/twitter person. His name is SingleSteve. The guy’s endless pursuit of love and a relationship is pretty funny (purposely so, I am not laughing at him out of meanness). He often tweets RFMNGF (requirements for my next girl friend), they are cute, sometimes funny little things he is looking for in a women. I have briefly considered starting to do RFMNBF, but then I remembered something that changed my mind.
If romantic comedies are worth a hill of beans then we have all learned at least one invaluable lesson. That lesson is whatever qualities are placed on said list will hold you back from many… many relationships then one magical day you will meet someone who embodies all that you are looking for. This person will be exactly what you have always thought you wanted, but you will be bored. The annoying womanizer, jerk, fill in the blank that has none of the traits on your list that works with you, lives in your building, goes to the same Laundromat, etc. will suddenly realize he is about to lose you and reveal his heart of gold.
So I can see no other solution than to not make a list unless you wish to end up with someone who has nothing in common with you and who annoys you more often than not. Don’t make it that easy for the fates to toy with you by listing out what you are looking for; find it, hold on to it and don’t let the universe take it away.


Unknown said...

I agree! The people that I'm attracted to never fit into my "list."

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

It is funny how that works out isn't it. For a society filled with self-involved people it is amazing how much we do not know ourselves.

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