Tuesday, December 1, 2009

All Fired Up

Today I have been highly entertained by a discussion/argument between two strangers on Twitter. On one side you have the ever witty, funny, and often graphic Kevin Smith. On the other side is a bat shit crazy chick named Megan Phelps. Basically this girl has been spouting off all types of close minded bigotness and somehow Kevin Smith was brought into all of this (though I am unclear how). They have argued back and forth all day which has been both disturbing and hilarious at times.

However, when I started thinking about the real issues behind the argument on my way home from work today I have to wonder, how different would the world be if people were a little less into their religions? Throughout the course of the world how many people have died over their religious convictions? Better yet how many people have killed another person because they didn't agree with their religious conviction? I have to ask, is it all worth it?

Perhaps, if people were just a bit less intense in their beliefs they would be able to see that there is always another point of view. Which religions or beliefs are correct is impossible to determine, so why can't people believe whatever it is that they believe and let others do the same? Why must there be a constant strive to make everyone else share your beliefs? Basically, I think people need to stop shoving their religion down everyone else's throat, the world would be a better, happier, more peaceful place.

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