Friday, May 20, 2016

New Release: Ghostsnaps

Book Four in the Knead to Know series is out!!

If problems aren’t spiraling out of control, then it isn’t Maggie’s life. She should have known the moment things were finally going her way, something, or someone, would come along and change the game. 

When she was gifted an antique mirror for the bakery, she was thrilled to have a piece of history hanging on her wall—but that wasn’t all she got. Ghostly music, apparitions, and a vision of an unsolved murder make her wonder if maybe the mirror was put in her path for a reason. 

The only problem is the crime was committed in 1923 and according to her vision, she was there. Pulled between the present and the past, Maggie has to figure out how to save the ghost in the mirror without losing her future and the people she loves. 

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Chelsey Rae said...

One of my favorites from the Abyss books by far!!! I adore Maggie's story, and her connection with Phoenix is both romantic and sexy. I loved the character growth all around in Ghostsnaps, and I can't wait to read more. I'm itching for the next installment in the Knead to Know series! (Although I of course look forward to Easy Bake Coven and Sekmet tales as well). Keep writing, the Abyss books are truly incredible. I love the whole Abyss world and every character/series within it!

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