Saturday, March 8, 2014

Release Update

Hello all!

As you are probably aware since it is currently March and not February that I am running late on Tiddly Jinx, book 4 of Easy Bake Coven.
I wanted to make sure the book was right more than it being done according to my schedule so I was late getting it to my editor. What that means for you is, unfortunately, a tad longer wait. This is how the release schedule is shaping up right now.
Tiddly Jinx should release around April 10th.

Inferno (Jinn Trilogy Book 2) will release mid to late May
Vestige (Jinn Trilogy Book 3) will release mid to late June

So while the initial wait is a little longer than expected you will get one book a month for the next three months which isn't so bad. :-)

Also, while I am making announcements let me say there will be a 5th (and final) Easy Bake Coven book. Yay! I am going to have a naming contest for the final book soon. To fit with the pattern of names it will need to be a child's game or toy with a witchy twist (i.e. Easy Bake Coven, Hungry, Hungry Hoodo, Pickup Styx, and Tiddly Jinx). The winner will receive a character named after them, an Easy Bake Coven t-shirt, and an early copy of the 5th (unnamed) book. So keep an eye out for my newsletter announcing how to enter the contest and good luck!

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Have a great weekend!



Unknown said...

April 10th!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! LOL. I hate I have to wait longer but I know it will be well worth it.

Unknown said...

OMG...I'm so excited. I have read the guardian trilogy, the first three books of the Easy Bake Coven series, the first book in the Jinn trilogy and I can't wait to read all of the rest of the books. You keep writing and I'll keep reading!!!

Clair Edwards said...

Was Vestige released? What about the 5th Easy Bake Coven?

Lifato Kamel said...

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