Saturday, February 22, 2014

I Travel With Hemingway

I travel a lot with my job. It isn't a complaint, it is a statement of fact. Honestly, I love it. I love seeing new places, meeting fans, and going to conferences.

Sometimes it gets lonely for a writer with introverted tendencies to be on the road so much, but what is a girl to do? I came up with a solution a few years back when I was bored at my day job. I would take Zombie Matt Nathanson (see picture below).
(He's a handsome devil)
We went everywhere together

But his hard plastic heart was cold and he takes up too much room in my luggage. Long story short, he replaced me. *tear*

Since him I have tried out others, but they never seem to work.

(The judgmental gnome, Bender)
But then I was at a conference with friends in Florida and I found the perfect travel companion. Ernest Hemingway. He is cool, he likes a good time (take notes, Bender, take notes), he is soft and flexible, and he understands a writer's life.
Sometimes he insists that I should bull fight and he craves rum and danger, but if he gives me too much trouble I just put him in my purse.
(Hemingway and author C.G. Powell)

(Hemingway and me visiting his home in Key West)

(Hemingway and author Tawdra Kandle)

And finally Hemingway doing what he does best. Epic Shit.
I am sure there will be more adventures of Liz and Hemingway to come (but I won't promise anything. Once I catch up on sleep, I might wonder what in the hell I was thinking.)


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this! I think I need a buddy . . . even if I don't travel much, he could keep me company while writing!

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