Monday, February 10, 2014

Femi's Guide to the Abyss

Femi’s Guide to the AbyssHello! Femi here. I have the pleasure of being your tour guide today.

Liz asked me to take you on a tour of the Abyss because she is enjoying the beach and left us here in the damn snow. Nevertheless, I’m the coolest species she knows and my life as a bounty hunter means I know the dirt on everyone.  So hold on and follow me.

Oh, keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times. Lots of things here bite and sometimes you won’t like it.

The Abyss is a world that is overlapping with your world. It houses everything your legends and mythology talk about, plus some more. I, for example, am a Sekhmet. No, I’m not the lioness headed goddess, just a descendent of pure awesomeness.

The abyss has all types of fae (often more trouble than they are worth), demi-gods (avoid them at all costs), elves (a little stuffy, but generally nice), hobgoblins (tricky devils), ghosts (don’t make eye contact or they will haunt you for ages), and way too many to name them all. Then there are the creatures who live on the cusp, basically the people who live in both the human world and the Abyss. There you have your witches, vampires, jinn, and guardians.

Liz told me (she’s bossy) to talk about guardians, jinn, witches, and elves because that’s what she writes about, but I don’t take orders from anyone, especially not bossy writers.

Instead I am going to tell you about my book that is coming up in the fall. Shhh don’t tell. 

When Femi left the sanctuary of her homeland, she vowed to never play by anyone’s rules but her own.  Descended from the feline goddess Sekhmet, she becomes the only bounty hunter of her kind in a world teeming with other supernatural creatures. However, the job suits her. She sets her own hours, works alone, and she selects which bounties she takes—until she receives an order to look into the most dangerous case of her life.

An outburst of violent werewolf maulings threatens to shred the fragile veil between the human world and the supernatural world of the Abyss. One single scratch from these feral creatures, who were thought to be extinct, could turn any being into a blood-thirsty, rabid beast. Forced to team up with a human detective who knows more than he should about the supernatural world, she claws her way through the political subterfuge and blatant lies that have been fed to the people of the Abyss by an organization that no one knows exists.

To stop the attacks she will have to cross a line that could crack the foundation on which her world was built. With this case, curiosity may, in fact, kill the cat.
Sounds good, right? Well, it was fun hanging out with you, but I have bounties to catch and asses to kick.



SAHMomma said...

Yay! I think anyone who has read anything with Femi in it will be super excited to read something centered around her!

Unknown said...

Can't wait, looking forward to reading more about Femi's adventures.

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