Monday, January 20, 2014

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner! And a Sneak Peek of Tiddly Jinx.

Selene's wedding dress contest has come to an end and we have a winner!

Alana D. won the opportunity to have a character named after her with this entry.

I love the beading and the antique feel of this dress. It will fit perfectly into the story in Tiddly Jinx, which is coming along well. Writing Selene, Cheney and company is always fun. It is great to explore some newer characters like Cheney's half-sister Lily and the necromancer Frost as well as dive back into the old ones. I put it up for a vote on Facebook and Twitter and you, my lovely readers, chose to have both Selene and Cheney's point of view in Tiddly Jinx (if you don't follow me on facebook, you can connect here or @LizSchulte on Twitter);


I can't wait to share more with you so I will have a long sneak peek of Tiddly Jinx that I will send out in my next newsletter and give you just a taste today. 

I went up the guard tower to take a look. Only one guard remained at the top while the others plus a few from the castle had formed a line between two groups of protesters on the ground. “What’s going on?”

“Another group showed up today.” He pointed to the left side. “The other fae races.”

I looked closer a the new group. They were a mixture of nearly all the races: fairies, sprites, dwarves, goblins, and even half-elves. At first I was baffled why they would protest Selene then I read their signs. They weren't protesting, they were defending her. Their signs all had messages about equality, the need for change, and Selene was portrayed as a figure of hope. The weight of my decision fully landed on me. It was one thing to turn away from hate, it was another to walk away from hope.

“What’d you do to piss them off?” Lily’s voice came from behind me.

I turned to look at my half-elf sister. Lily may have been full fae, but she wasn’t full elf. She was half elf and half fortuna fae. I had the urge to block them from her view, ashamed of my people. “Fell in love with the wrong person.”

She moved around me to see. Her mouth twisted into a wry smile. “One pretty little half-elf and all these people get their panties in a wad. I don’t envy you." She nudged me with her elbow. "That's why I work with jinn. Nothing gets their panties in a wad. Most don’t even wear them.” She winked at the guard who struggled to maintain his composure. 


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