Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Character Interview: Sy

Sitting on my couch surrounded by two sleepy poodles, I imagine Sy walking in and giving a half grin.

Sy: You look beautiful as always *he sits on the couch next to me rather than in the chair*

Me: I’m still in my pajamas and haven’t brushed my hair. Nice try, but I know you’re only saying that so I don’t kill you off.
Sy: *clutches his chest, but grins* Why do you always hurt me?

Me: *shakes my head* You ready for this interview?
Sy: Absolutely. About time you put some attention on me.

Me: I have plans for you. It just isn’t time yet.  Regardless though, the audience already likes you, try not to ruin it.
Sy: Damn near impossible. What’s not to like?

Me: *Clears throat* Let’s start with the basics. Tell people a little about you.
Sy: I’m the bartender at The Office. That’s pretty much all there is to tell.

Me: So you’re just a bartender…I don’t think anyone will believe it.
Sy:  I can’t imagine what you’re implying. What else would I be, dear writer? *raises challenging eyebrow*

Me: Yes, yes. Perhaps we can’t tell them that, but we could give them a bit more than you are just a bartender. They already know you can be in two places at once and you work for someone, but no one knows who.
Sy: …the owner of the bar.

Me: …
Sy: Look. I can’t talk about it. The Abyss is a large place and at any given time there are several games in play. To thrive here, you learn to navigate the jugglers and stay out of the line of fire. If I talk too much then I will be known for being chatty. Power in the Abyss comes from knowledge and connections. I know people and I stay informed on what’s happening because I don’t say a word about it. That gives me power.

Me: Who are the jugglers?
Sy: The people who are changing the course of our world. The trouble makers. You know some of them. Olivia, Holden, Femi—

Me: Selene.
Sy: *runs hand over hair* Yes, my cousin definitely qualifies as a trouble maker. I blame her human side. 

Me: What about the people you work for. Are they jugglers?
Sy: They’re the ringmasters.

Me: What does that make you?
Sy: Busy. I help people when I can. Otherwise I stay out of it. The only reason I allowed myself to get involved in the elf problems is Selene is standing dead center and she needs all the friends she can get. Running a bounty hunter hub means a lot of different races and people pass through my doors every day. I can’t show favoritism or they stop trusting me. I am a man without racial allegiance.

Me: No man is an island.
Sy: *shrugs* Poetry has no bearing on my life, but I will say that my family and friends might be a bridge connecting me to something a bit more solid. 

Me: How can you be in two places at once? Could you be in more than two if you needed to?
Sy: If I wouldn’t tell Selene that, what makes you think I will tell you?

Me: Because I can squash you like a bug with two little words: Sy died.
Sy: We both know you wouldn’t do that. You have plans for me—and hopefully for Femi. Me and Femi, together in a whole variety of positions. Sweat, fingernails, biting…Do you catch my drift?

Me: Femi might have her own plans. Don’t think I can’t tell that you are trying to redirect me from my question.
Sy: Fine. It’s a perk of the job. Someone, preferably me, always have to be at the Office. It never closes. The only way that’s possible is with a little magic, but I can only be in two places at once. That’s all I’m saying.

Me: One last question. If Femi and Selene both needed your help, which one would you choose?
Sy: I would choose both and leave the Office unattended.

Me: What would happen to you?
Sy: *looks grim* Let’s try not to find out.

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Thank you Sy for sharing a bit with us lurkers, have to admit I cannot wait to find out more :)

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