Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pickup Styx

It's here!

Book three of my Easy Bake Coven series has been released!

*insert celebratory cheering and happy dances's okay we'll wait for you*

Selene and Cheney are almost to happily ever after. Just one small promise stands in their way. The spirits make a request Selene can’t refuse without forfeiting her soul, but to fulfill their desire, she will have to sacrifice her life. Traveling to a world beyond the reach of the living, Selene has to dig deep within herself to find a way back home. 
The kingdom trembles on the edge of political upheaval and fae of all shapes and sizes are being murdered. The further Cheney digs into these mysterious deaths, the more skeletons he unearths from his family’s past. Sometimes, the truth can kill you. 
In a race against the clock, Selene and Cheney stumble through an emotional and physical journey to make it back to one another. Will they find a way back to one another or are not all love stories meant to have a happily ever after?

Where can you get it? Well so far on Amazon or Smashwords. Barnes and Noble and iBooks are on their way. 

Now Holden calls to me. Back to working on Ember: Book 1 of the Jinn Trilogy. 

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Denise Z said...

Happy Release Day!!!!!

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