Monday, February 28, 2011

Great, But Ridiculous

I have the most amazing, awesome, supportive friends a girl could ever want and what is still even better they get me. I have been thinking all morning what on earth should I blog about. Should I blog about nothing, should I blog about writing, or should I just make something up (silly story, bad poetry, whatever)? Color me perplexed. Then a friend tells me about a completely different subject “that sounds great, but ridiculous…perfect for you.” She is absolutely right that is totally me, in fact that could be on my tombstone “Here lies Liz… great, but ridiculous”. Then it hits me I should blog about me today.

I am not my favorite subject, far from it. But since my blog readership has nearly doubled in the last two days it might be best to let the new readers get to know me on some sort of level. So I am going to do something that you will come to learn is one of my favorite things, give you a top five list.

Top Five Things to Know About Me:

1. I can be mildly totally obsessive. Whether it is Matt Nathanson, zombies, Zombie Matt Nathanson (my remote control zombie who will often be referred to as ZMN), Supernatural, writing, running, yoga, organic food, horror movies, cheese etc. when I do something I am all in, both feet, no hesitations.

2. I have an inappropriate sense of humor. Yep, I laugh when I see people get hurt, I often feel the urge to laugh in church or at funerals, and I like randomness. Non sequitur is my middle name.

3. Sometimes I take things literally even though I know it wasn’t meant like that because I think it is funny.

4. I love to make things up. Short stories, long stories, bad poems, facts, whatever. If I can create it I am pretty happy. My bff Kim (you will hear her name frequently I am sure) will sometimes send me a list of random words or phrases and I will make up a short story using all of them in it. So sometimes I might post a random weird little story, I hope you don’t mind.

5. I will give you an honest opinion. If you want my take on something I will always tell you what I think.

I guess that is it. I can’t wait to get to know my new blog readers.


Elizabeth Sharp said...

HAve you ever been to a Supernatural convention? Me and Victoria, who introduced herself last night, have gone to the Chicago one a couple times and are going again this year...

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

I haven't been to one. I just completely love the show and will talk about it ad nauseum if allowed. hahaha

KD said...

This actually perked up my dark and empty spirit today. As for a Supernatural Convention, I would probably need depends for such an event. It would be joy overload for me :)

Self-Therapy Expert (Not really) said...

Can I steal your technology and make my own remote-controlled vampire?

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