Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ok it isn't often I take requests for blog posts, but this one was interesting.
The pros of being a zombie:
-You may smell but your friends like it.
-Everyone you know is hungry all the time.
-No one can tell your drunk shuffle from the regular shuffle
-You always go to the bathroom together... and really everywhere else together too. Safety in numbers.
-You will never be judged for a bad hair day
-Dirt under the fingernails is all the rage
-If someone messes with you, your friends will eat their brain
-You will never be expected to run anywhere
-You don't remember why the third floor is funny but you still want to go there
-Your friends will never make you read Eat Pray Love... or anything. They are so over reading
-No longer have a reason to fear stalkerish, sparkly bompires

<3 you guys!

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