Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall = Scary Movies


I have been missing from my blog for a while. No one's fault, but my own. I have allowed life to get in the way of mindless writing for absolutely zero readers, how could I do such a thing!?!?!

Anyway, running is still going well. I have had some off weeks and all, but mostly I am sticking with it. I feel like I need another surge of energy to push myself harder as I feel like I am beginning to plateau a bit. Hopefully blogging again will give the surge to me. We'll see.

Also October is nearly upon us. I have not kept it a secret that this is absolutely, 100 percent, if I could have Halloween every month I would, favorite time of year. Book club is choosing a scary book for this month (Yay!!), crisp mornings, changing leaves, college football, apples, and most importantly scary movies! I will once again be initiating my 31 days of horror movies. I will try to depart from my tried and true best of the best list. This year I plan on winging it. I want to watch some horror movies I don't watch all the time. Obviously some classics will remain, you can't have Halloween without watching Halloween that is silly.

So stay tuned, starting on Friday I will begin this journey into this wonderful genre known for violence, sex, bad acting, and even worse stories lines and love EVERY minute of it!

P.S. Suggestions of movies are more than welcome.

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Unknown said...

I LOVE Halloween, too!!! Nothing better than dressing up as the slut version of ANYTHING (nurse, witch, ect..) and not have people judge you for it;)

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