Friday, October 30, 2009

A Halloween Story

It was dusk on All Hallows Eve the cool wind rustled the changing leaves catching a few and sending them floating through the air. The smell of decaying leaves, pumpkins, and winter mixed leaving the undeniable smell of fall. Walking across the parking lot Timothy could hear the melodious chimes of bells off in the distance. The setting lent to the ominous feel of the empty lot as Timothy trudged towards the parking garage carrying a pumpkin and a bag of Halloween treats.

At first Timothy did not notice that he was indeed alone on his frequently traveled path. He had lost track of time at the office. He hadn't meant to stay quite so long. It wasn't until he heard a sharp snap behind him that he took notice that today did not feel like every other day. Timothy glanced behind him to see who was coming but there was no one there. Timothy shifted the increasingly heavy pumpkin in his arms and quickened his pace to match that of his quickening heart.

The sound of Timothy's quick steps echoed in his ears. He thought he heard a rustle off to his left, but saw nothing. He heard a fluttering noise to his right but again couldn't find the source. 'It must be the wind' he thought to himself as the wind was starting to pick up as if a storm was blowing in. Timothy forced a chuckle that did nothing to help calm his nerves. The pumpkin was so heavy in his arms he could feel his muscles begin to ache.

"It's too late" Timothy thought he heard whispered in his ear, but he couldn't be sure for the damn wind. He frantically looked behind him still seeing nothing. Timothy tried to speed up more, his arms aching from the weight of the pumpkin and his hands cold as ice from the wind. The wind was blowing so hard as if it was trying to keep him from the garage. Timothy leaned into it and ran with all of his might towards the garage.

Once he broke the threshold of the garage his momentum carried him stumbling into the wall smashing his pumpkin. Timothy cursed about the ruined pumpkin while stealing a glance outside where the wind appeared to have died down. Timothy let out the breath he had been holding in fear. He started walking through the garage towards his car, one of the only cars left. Halfway to his car the light in the garage went dark. Timothy could not see anything, even the tips of his own finger wiggling in front of his face. Timothy's heart was thudding so loudly it was audible. He heard something behind him but he couldn't see anything. Fear seized him and he started running towards his car. He heard the slow and steady movement behind him. He ran faster dropping his bag of treats. He had to be close to his car now.

The next day Timothy's body was found in the parking garage at the base of a column two feet from his car.

The moral of the story running in the dark because you are a weenie will only end badly.

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