Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Sound of Music

So it has been a while since I blogged. Sorry man, I've been living my life.
This summer is all about the music for me. Beale Street Music festival reignited my passion for other people's music (I make none of my own, I do occasionally sing while driving in my car and while TECHNICALLY that may be considered music I would not go so far as to deem it so).

I have found several artist who are not necessarily new but are new to me so that is good enough. I love musicians in this stage of their career. When they are not quite famous, but still are able to make a living at what they do. They still have that appreciation for what they have without the seemingly inevitable feelings of entitlement. You are only here because we like you buddy and you can leave just as fast as the public's opinion changes.

That is what summer is all about though, right? It is about hanging out with good friends, good music, hotter than hell weather (if you reside is Missouri). Music should be a part of everyone's soul. It inspires and reminds you that the world is a much bigger place than your own little piece of it. I give you all permission to play your favorite song on the way home from work today with your windows down (if you are brave) or you ac on max and sing at the top of your lung. In the immortal words of Journey Don't stop Believing. ahhahahahaha that is cheesetastic...but completely made of awesome.

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