Monday, April 30, 2012

Paranormal Romance, Cupid Painted Blind, Free May 1st and 2nd

Hello! Liz has me back once again because Cupid Painted Blind is FREE again. Today I am interviewing the adorable and ever so handsome Jack from Fool Moon. Check out our interview and pick up the book!

To see Jack interview me head here.
To see Autumn interview the Angel of Death himself head here

Femi · 15 like this
49 minutes ago · 
  • Two shots poured, now where is my handsome human boy toy?

      • Jack Anderson Ready and waiting, as long as it's Gentleman's Jack ;)
        46 minutes ago ·  ·  1

      • Femi Yoo-hoo. Don't make me drink alone, Jackie.
        45 minutes ago · 

      • Jack Anderson Never!
        45 minutes ago · 

      • Femi So glad you finally made it. Let's hope you aren't always a gentleman.

        Handsome Jack, I have been studying your society by watching television. There is a

         lot of disturbing things you people like to do. My question is if you had a theme song,
        what would it be? *please say the ATeam, please say the A Team*
        44 minutes ago · 

      • Jack Anderson If being a gentleman is putting others first--I'm ALWAYS a gentleman.
         Sorry, A Team wouldn't fly, neither would the one from M.A.S.H. either ;) It'd probably
         be either the song from Gunsmoke or The good, The bad and the ugly, but kitten, I'm
         very very good.
        41 minutes ago · 

      • Femi I like very, very good, but very, very bad can be oh so much fun.

        Second question, lupine, really?

        37 minutes ago · 

      • Jack Anderson I know about the whole cats and dogs thing, but really that's just
         taking it a little bit far ;) What can I say? She's hot. The furry thing never bothers
         me because I've always been a dog person. And the fact that she's strong, capable
         and could probably kick my ass is a huge turn-on. I hate shrinking violets, which is
         probably why I enjoy your company so much.
        31 minutes ago · 

      • Femi Okay, okay, so you like the wolfie ones. I forgive you because you are quite
         the charmer. Can I just say how hot it is that you don't mind that she could kick your
         ass. I love that!

        Three, what's the strangest thing about being a human in a paranormal world?

        26 minutes ago · 

      • Jack Anderson I would have to say the way they seem to handle everything like
         they're still in the middle ages. Trials, challenges, fights to the death. I mean, really?
         Can't we settle things over a friendly hand of poker and glass of whiskey? I suppose
         it's all the primal animal instincts involved.
        24 minutes ago · 

      • Femi It's tradition too. I mean wouldn't it be easier to celebrate Halloween with
         buying your own children candy than to send them panhandling to the neighbors.
        There's something to be said for tradition. Plus those wolf challenges are deliciously
        18 minutes ago · 

      • Femi Four, you ride off to women's rescue even when they don't need it. Now
         that you understand wolves better will you cut poor Cash some slack?
        16 minutes ago · 

      • Jack Anderson No. Friggin'. Way. He's trying to get with my best friend and
         he's a lupine. If she doesn't know already I'm tracking her ass down and telling
         her. She shouldn't be with a guy who hides things; she deserves so much better
         than that. Plus, he choked me out and I owe the bastard.
        14 minutes ago · 

      • Femi He was just protecting her. You should understand that. Shelby can take
         care of herself. I hear she has lots of guns. My kind of girl.

        Last question and possibly the most important of them all. Think very carefully 

        before answering this. Which came first, my awesomeness or Sarina’s bad
        10 minutes ago · 

      • Jack Anderson Yes, she does have lots of guns and I hope she uses them!
        And what kind of a thing is that to ask me? That is a moving propeller and I'm
        about to walk into it so I'm just gonna steer clear. I will say you are every bit
        as awesome as the rumors say and as far as I can tell Sarina's reputation is
        well founded. Personally, I prefer ladies rather than ladies of the night.
        3 minutes ago ·  ·  1

      • Femi Ahahahaha It was wonderful chatting with you again, Jack. If I ever 
        give into Sy we should have a double date.
        2 minutes ago · 

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