Thursday, May 13, 2010

The end is nigh

Once upon a time there was a girl, whose name was Liz. Liz was mostly a normal-ish sort of person. She may have been slightly random at times but mostly she tried to keep things in perspective. She often attracted attention from the rare and unusual but handled it well and politely. There were, however, a handful of things Liz had trouble keeping proportional in her mind.

The first was spiders. Liz found spiders to be completely terrifying. Even the tiniest of the nasty little insect made her skin crawl and the fear choke out her screams. The mere mention of one could cause nightmare and restless sleep. Liz was often told that the vile arachnids were more afraid of her than she was of them but she highly doubted it since then ran to her not away from her in fear as she would do to them. It was the highest form of science.

Her next irrationality was books. She had a certain way she read that could not be deviated from. She felt she must read the end of the book first so she could emotionally prepare for the book. Liz became so vested in the books she loved that she nearly felt her character's pain and anguish. If the book ended poorly and she was unprepared it could leave her a broken shell of a person. Many tried to talk her out of this habit but Liz knew that as much as knowing the end could ruin the book it was better the book be ruined than her life.

Liz also had a strong irrational dislike of certain movies she had never seen. She was never certain when or where the root of these dislikes took place but she could and would never watch the movies she felt in the pit of her stomach she disliked. Time and time again people tried to change this in her, but while people would come and go the deep seeded dislike would last an eternity.

Her final idiosyncrasy was the most unusual of them all as it went against the grain of her character the very most. This was the unconditional love she saved for her family, good friends, and pets being extended to include the little tv show that could. If she allowed it to happen the at times obsession with the show could occupy every thought and cloud all other matters. She knew one day the show would end and that was ok. What was not ok was the waiting from week to week for the next installment of the show that so dearly touched her heart. All she wanted was to know the end. Yet it was the ended that constantly alluded her. Finally on the very day that the end would be revealed Liz realized she had made plans in error for this very day. What was she to do? She must follow through with these plans and wait to see she show but she wasn't at all certain she could. She started her count down 12 hours away from the show. Hours 12-5 went by with obsessive thought about what would happen the scouring of the internet for some clue mixed in with the equally obsessive talk about it, only feeding her desire to know. That day Liz was the seeker of truth in the interweb of lies. Finally as the hour approached and she knew she would not be able to watch her head exploded thus ending her life and the chance that she would ever find out the ending to the story she had devoted so many hours.

The end, literally.


Daniel Poehlman said...

Pssst... Hulu. ;)

Liz Schulte's Blog said...

Hahaha! I survived it pretty well, by that I do mean my head is firmly intact. Crisis averted. :)

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