Monday, February 1, 2010

Click Click Pop

Once upon a time (because all fairy tales should start with once upon a time otherwise how would you know it was a fairy tale) there was a tiny little fairy name Kimmie of Kabulaleighton Click Click Pop. Kimmie of Kabulaleighton Click Click Pop preferred to be called Click for short though most of the other fairies refused to do as she asked.
Click sighed laying upon her lily pad in the pond of tranquility. She was tired. She didn't know when it happened because fairies never got tired, they hardly even rested. She didn't want to fly around and play the normal fairy games (like stealing one or three socks from human dryers so they would search and search for the pair but never find them). Click let her tiny hand skim across the watch making it ripple as if a fire fly had landed (at least that is what any human would have seen). Click was so lost in her own sleepy world she didn't even see the fearsome cat Little Dorritt creep into the pond and begin to swim towards her. Cats were the natural enemy of the Fae and constantly hunted them, which is a good reason why most fairies never stayed still very long always fluttering from this place to that. Bob the owl hooted to warn Click about the Little Dorritt who was now nearly to her. Click half-heartedly flew away but she waited so long she could feel the cats paw shift the air around her. Click fluttered up to where Bob the owl had stationed himself.
"What is wrong Click?" Bob asked.
"I'm tired." Click said blandly.
"Oh no. Who. Who. Sounds like you have that sleep virus that has been going around. It is something that should no be taken too lightly."
Click was concerned. She wasn't sure what a virus was but it sounded menacing. "What should I do?" she asked.
"You must find Lizzie Butterbreadgroundbottom. She lives in a far away play called the city. It is a dangerous journey for there are less places to hide there than in the forest. She will be able to tell you the cure."
"I am too tired to go"
"Click you must, for sleep is detrimental to fairies."
"How do I get there?"
"You must fly to the land of tall buildings 100,000 times as big as you then look for the trees. Once you get to the large green area that managed to survive amongst the tall building you will look for a bulletin board covered in pink papers. She will be to phallic shaped water bottle to the left of that. Knock to the tune of "Take a Load Off Annie" then whisper your name three times while turning counter clockwise and walking two steps backwards. Then you shall gain admittance."
"This is ridiculous"
"You must."
Click flew off though she had no energy. She found the city of tall building and Bob had not exaggerated. She found the green area easily. She ever found the pink paper and water bottles with very little trouble. However once she was there she couldn't remember the sequence of what she needed to do. Click tried several different variations before she was about to give up. Finally her wings sagged in defeat, she was just too tired to continue. She started to shuffle away when she heard someone say "Wait."
Click turned around and another fairy flew out of the small wooded area.
"I am Lizzie. What brings you here little woodland fairy"
"I am sleepy and Bob the owl said you would know what to do."
"I do indeed." Lizzie said gravely. She whistled and the wind blew. Before Click was certain what was happening a greasy long haired man playing the song from Lost Boys called Jon Hamm came bursting out of the trees. The sweet sweet sounds of his music and the terribly handsome jaw line made Click's heart speed up and she was no longer tired. She decided not to return to the forest for she found she liked the bustle of the city. She stayed with Lizzie and Sergio (as she liked to call him) in the patch of woods. And they all lived happily ever after.

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