Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Twitter and stuff

Ok, so I am finally trying out this twitter business. So far I like it, but now new questions are entering into my mind. Twitter is obviously a way to feel more connected to people you don't know, nor people you will ever meet (such as celebrities, writers, artists, musicians, etc.). At first I thought well that is sort of cool you get to see these people on a more real less polished level that is awesome and it is awesome. I have become a fan of people who I really had no opinion of before twitter because they sent out entertaining or thought provoking messages. But on the flip side of that is there such thing as too much information. Are we losing a part of these entertainment arts by learning too much. Will anyone be able to have the allusive charm or charisma as Cary Grant? Then again on the flip side of that perhaps if we start seeing celebrities for the real people they actually are then people will not act so foolish about them. I don't know that is just where my mind is about all of this today.
Once again I am sure I am over thinking something basically simple in nature.

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